Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Johngy Salutes Swede

I have known Scott Olofsson for about 25 years. I first met Swede through Scott Parker, who became my brother-in-law. In 1995, I went on a fishing trip to remote Canada with Scott, Swede and 5 other guys. During that time, Swede recruited me for his fantasy baseball league. Obviously he smelled blood.
This season was one of the few times I have ever finished higher than Swede. Naturally I am celebrating my victory.

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, Swede mocked Matt and me about butt-kissing Manny Ramirez (and some other players). He claimed we were chasing Manny like 2 love-struck school girls. Barbs fly often between us at baseball games. Allegiances switch as quickly as pitches are thrown. I am sure I got some decent shots back at Swede, but today, I am closing the door through pictures. Hey, it's my blog...I can do whatever I want.
The first picture is of Swede (and Parker) that Matt took from our comfortable seats in the Press Box. The second shot is a picture that Matt took from the field (this time, we were 'chasing' Brad Ausmus).
Finally, the above picture is of Matt and me ON THE FIELD! Mock us if you want, King Swede (heck, you can even throw your famous Swede Curse my way), but there Matt and I were, hanging on the field. I won't even mention the respect we received from other fans (like on the shuttle bus).
Swede raising his glass as a sign of respect for my mere presence-St. Joseph, MI-early 00's.


linnea said...

ahahahah this is my dad!

Johngy said...

Hey thanks for stopping by.
Despite the 'friendly' barbs, your dad is a pretty good guy! Just don't tell him I said that.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your well drafted and managed team this year and the money finish.

I fully intended to make this a congratulatory comment for your nice Boone League finish and thank you for the nice blog on that Swede guy. I guess I could stop typing now and end on a nice note but.... well you know me by now.

As you know I am programmed to give you grief. It's in my blood. I don't know why but it just comes natural and I really can't help myself. So you knew it was coming (like a freight train when you’re late, or a hang-over when you need to be "Johnny on the spot" the next morning, or poor "Davy who is still in the Navy and probably will be for life").

Some clarification around the picture of me raising a glass. As I recall you asked to take a picture of the reigning Boone League Champion and well I saluted the picture taker and my personal dominion and annual Commisioner (well not next year).

I have seen you on the field and in the press box, but when sitting in the stands I still see that Manny "Man-Crush" and think to myself that it’s good to be in the stands.

Johngy said...

Dear Readers,
I will take a wild guess and say that anonymous is really the secret identity of Swede himself.
Okay, here it is in print...I owe Swede for years and years of Boone fun, such as
-his $1 upbid
-his Swede Curse
-showing me great seats in Houston (darn you for that one)
The reality is Swede usually kicks my butt in fantasy bb. This is one of the few times in 14 years that I can brag of supremacy and I am enjoying every minute of it.