Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mike Squires 1978 Topps

Last week I put out a challenge for some creative bloggers to produce any of the 'missing' baseball cards of Mike Squires. A few days ago, I featured a 1986 Topps as created by Jason of The Writer's Journey and Jim of Garvey Cey Russell Lopes.
In the comments section of that post, Steve at White Sox Cards wrote that he put together a 1978 card of Squires and had it posted on his site. That card is pictured below.
Actually, it was Squires who lead me to White Sox Cards the first time. Steve wrote a series of posts discussing his choices for best players to wear each number for the White Sox. His choice for #25 was Tommy John, with a mention of Jim Thome. I politely objected and made my case for Squires. I've been following his site ever since.
Steve's site has everything including several sets of specially created cards, card spotlights, White Sox thoughts and much more. He's also been known to veer slightly off-topic with random and interesting things (such as his recent Paul McCartney and Wings clip).
This is another great creation by Steve. The picture seems a perfect fit for the 1978 Topps set. I also love how young Squires looks in the photo.
I really appreciate Steve's efforts. This was his 4th creation for me and I love them all. A new bunch of White Sox goodness will be Steve's upon my next trip to his area.
To recap, I now have a 1977, 1978 and 1986 Topps card creation of Mike Squires. Still outstanding are the elusive 1976 (with red and blue uni) and 1979 (non shared rookie) Topps cards.
Thanks to everyone for their comments, assistance, creations and patience while I prattle on with my Squires mancrush.
Mike Squires 1978 Topps card as created by Steve at White Sox Cards.

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