Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Blueprint:Matt Morgan

As I have written before, the heights and weights of wrestlers have been 'adjusted' to fit whatever role they had at the time. Most are inflated, although some might have been deflated to give them the underdog feel.
Matt Morgan wrestles for TNA and is billed at 6'10". I'd say that is darn close to accurate.
When I met Morgan at the Ultimate Collectibles Show, I was stunned at how big Morgan was. Standing next to him was like standing under a tree. I wish my photog got a better shot, but Morgan's size is obvious anyway. He's huge!
I was also surprised with how friendly he was. I commented that I really thought his overall character development and in-ring work seemed to be improving and he thanked me several times and asked me to elaborate, which I did. He seemed genuinely interest and delighted in my comments.
Morgan seems like a guy who works very hard at his profession. He seems to listen to fans and critics and he seems to want to really learn and improve.
Matt Morgan and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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