Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Music-Part 2:Jason Mraz

Continuing my quest to highlight the very best of holiday music, I present one of the newest holiday song releases. This one is a live version of "Winter Wonderland" by Jason Mraz.
Mraz and Toco Rivera put a quick beat into this holiday classic. About halfway through it, Mraz kicks it up even more with a bit of holiday scatting. A holiday song with scatting!!! Now that's my kind of holiday song.
Unfortunately, I don't think this song is available on any cd. I did find it available to be downloaded and/or purchased on several sites.


Effie said...

Good one, John.

Johngy said...

Hey Ef,
Thanks. I originally heard it while driving and couldn't get the singer. It took a while of searching to find it. I love his stuff.

Formerly Bitchin' Kate NKA Scattin' Kate said...

Shoo boo de bee bop....zazaza....

Johngy said...

Scatting Kate-
I bet you scat with the best of them.