Friday, November 13, 2009

Johngy Saved the Batgirl

Yvonne Craig was a dancer and acted in movies and on television, but she will always best be known for her role as Batgirl on tv's Batman. Craig appeared on the campy series during its final season.
As Batgirl, Craig saved the citizens of Gotham City from some of the most nefarious (and silly) villains. However, when I met Craig in the mid 1990's, I saved her from one of her most annoying fans.
It was early in the day and I saw one guy talking to Craig at her booth. As I approached, I heard him asking her very detailed questions about a specific episode. This isn't too unusual, but I decided to come back a bit later.
When I returned, the same guy was still there asking more obscure questions. At that point, I decided to intrude. I figured if Craig didn't mind his questions, she could continue with him once I was gone.
I asked Craig if I could get my picture, which gave her an opening to move away from the guy. He bristled, but slowly walked away (to Butch Patrick's booth...sorry Butch). Craig thanked me for the interference.
We talked for a few minutes about fans. She said she hated to be rude, but the guy had been there about 30 minutes and showed no signs of leaving and his questions were so detail-oriented that nobody could ever remember.

A little bit of trivia about Ms. Craig...she is one of a handful of actresses to appear in 2 Elvis Presley movies. Also, in the Batman series, since Batgirl was not given any sidekicks, like Robin, the producers decided to give her a parrot (get it? robin...parrot...groan).
Yvonne Craig and me in Rosemont, IL-mid 1990's.

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Always nice to save a SuperHero.