Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ramsey Lewis Salutes Literacy

Ramsey Lewis is a jazz music composer, radio personality and Chicagoan. Lewis has 5 gold records and 3 Grammy Awards. He truly is a music legend.
When I approached Lewis about appearing in the NIE ad series for Lerner Newspapers, he worked for WGN (part of the Chicago Tribune company), while Lerner was owned by the Chicago Sun-Times. Despite the fact that it was technically a competitor, Lewis quickly agreed to be part of the series. The cause was bigger than the company rivalry.
It was an honor having Lewis appear in our ad series. Having people like Lewis gave the NIE ad series instant recognizability and added credibility.
I also give credit to
Christina Royston (now at the Sun-Times). Royston really did a beautiful job with this ad. It was definitely one of her best efforts.
As always, I give extra credit to Laurie. Without Laurie's input, this ad series would have failed miserably.

Until I could afford leisure travel, books were my window to the world. I still visit places, cultures and interesting minds through reading.
--Ramsey Lewis as quoted in the NIE ad series in 1994

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