Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Interview:Cecil Cooper

Cecil Cooper had a very good career. With a couple more of his average seasons, he might have gotten Hall of Fame consideration. Coop was a pleasure to watch.
I got to watch him up close as the Manager of the Houston Astros for parts of 3 seasons. He took over the team during a tough time. The team was transitioning from the 'Bagwell-Biggio' era. Unfortunately, these Astros never found a real identity and floundered around the .500 mark.
I really liked Coop as a player and I respect him as a Manager. I hope he gets another shot somewhere. When we were in Houston this summer, I had the chance to talk to Coop for a couple minutes. As always, no matter the topic, it is always a thrill for me to talk to these stars of my youth.


Paul Mitchell said...

Cecil Cooper is a nice guy. He deserves another chance with a team that has a chance to win.

Johngy said...

Hey Paul,
Coop always seemed like a class act. I hope he gets another shot, too.