Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series Tangents:Fran Gallagher

There he is, my guy, Fran the World Series! Fran Gallagher at the World Series. Game 4! Just like Fran Gallagher was at Super Bowl XLI when the Indianapolis Colts beat my Chicago Bears.
At least in this case, the Phillies are his hometown team. Oh sure, I can say that he probably can't name more than 5 of the current Phillies (and probably no more than 15 Phillies of years gone by).
I could also mock his cheese and crackers tailgating effort. But hey, Fran is a good friend and a fun guy. Besides, we have enough fodder to supply us with a lifetime of bantering.
My only real problem with Fran in this case is that he eschewed a potential "Friendly Encounters" appearance with Phillies legend Greg Luzinski. Luzinski has a barbeque joint at the ballpark and gladly poses with fans. This would have been perfect. Luzinski is the Bull and Fran is full of...umm fun!
Fran and Michelle Gallagher at Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA-November 2009.

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