Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Adam West was no Frank Gorshin

When we last explored the events of Gotham City, we saw Frank Gorshin (aka The Riddler). Today, Adam West gets his time to shine (or not). As I wrote in the Gorshin piece, West was not very sociable at the event. I am not sure about the entire time, but when I was there, West did not pose with Gorshin, although they did chat (so I don't think there was a problems between them). Even West agreed to pose with me, he barely acknowledged me or the camera. He remained stoic, which left me feeling rather unsatisfied. Still, he was the Batman and meeting him and Gorshin was pretty cool. Too bad West didn't take more lessons from Gorshin who was polite and talkative.
On a side note, while West did not pose with Gorshin, you can see Gorshin clearly in the middle background of this picture.
Adam West and me in Rosement, IL-late 1990's.

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