Friday, December 18, 2009

Chrissy Colligan, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Johngy

A couple years ago, when I was in Los Angeles to interview Rick Monday, I had full access to the field and everyone on it. I could barely contain my excitement. As noted several times before, I was lucky enough to get a handful of quick interviews.
As we were starting to leave the field, my photog Flash noticed a flurry of activity and cameras near home plate. As it turned out, Chrissy Colligan (a reporter from was about to interview actress Emmanuelle Chriqui (who was going to sing the National Anthem).
Feeding off of the adrenaline from the last couple hours, I decided to get in the fray. I was hoping to be in the background during the interview (just trying to get a little exposure).
As Chriqui approached Colligan, I managed to squeeze in a couple question to Colligan. Then I just hung around as a reporter (hey, we're all professionals here!).
A couple months later, I decided to see if anything ever happened with the Chriqui interview. I was pleasantly surprised to find it quickly on several sites. If you click on the short video below, you will see that I did make it into the background. My right arm is visible about halfway through the video. Darn that cameraman for zooming in a bit too much and costing me my airtime!
Chrissy Colligan (far right), Emmanuelle Chriqui (center) and me in Los Angeles, CA-June 2007.
Chrissy Colligan and me (with Emmanuelle Chriqui approaching center) in Los Angeles, CA-June 2007.

Chrissy Colligan's interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui (courtesy

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