Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Foley Christmas (aka Christmas Chaos)

Mick Foley loves Christmas. I have never been to the Foley house (hint hint, MIck), but I hear Foley goes out all with the decorations. Foley even wrote a children's book about Christmas, entitled Christmas Chaos.
You might question why I would care about Christmas Chaos being that it is a children's book. Maybe I just share Foley's joy for the season. Okay, maybe I just am easily amused. The truth is somewhere in between and definitely influenced by the fact that I loved Foley's other books.
The reindeers are funny, the elfs are oft naked and the hilarity is never-ending. Fellow wrestler Jerry Lawler illustrated this masterpiece, which has a few WWE wrestlers making guest appearances.
I have met Foley several times (he even recognizes me now) and he is one of the best convention guests. He is always ready to discuss virtually anything, although I have never seen him as engrossed as when he was discussing Tietam Brown with Laurie.

Mick Foley and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2008.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Foley is the best. I just hate the way he is being used in TNA.