Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Music-Part 6:Hardrock, Coco and Joe

Christmas was yesterday, but the holiday music doesn't have to stop just yet. There is no way that I could end this series without going into the 'way-back' machine. When I was a kid, I loved The Ray Rayner Show. Every holiday season, Rayner would play a short stop motion animated cartoon called Hardrock, Coco and Joe.
While I don't know all of the words, I am probably one of thousands who can sing the refrain. Oh does this bring back great memories.

The Hardrock, Coco and Joe cartoon wasn't the only holiday staple on The Ray Rayner Show. Another similar feature was Suzy Snowflake. Suzy would come tap, tap, tappin' on your window pane to tell you she was in town.
These two cartoons are very simplistic productions, clearly lacking any traces of modern technology. Hmm maybe that is why I like them so much.


Hackenbush said...

My wife and I both grew up with these too. We were watching them on You Tube one night recently and I told her that I thought Suzy Snowflake was sort of dark and sad. She agreed but added that that was why she liked it. There's a more upbeat version I found sung by Rosemary Clooney--very different. I loved Ray Rayner, too.

Greg said...

yup, any kid growing up in chicago during the late 60s, 70s, remember these fondly. There is one that you missed, but wasn't played as frequently, a REALLY early version of frosty the snowman, actually just a music video.

Johngy said...

I think both videos are kind of odd looking now, but memories are great.
I do still miss Ray Rayner.

Paul said...

Wow that brought back some memories.