Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Propps to Brian Propp

Brian Propp had an excellent 15 year career in the NHL. He played mostly with the Philadelphia Flyers and is still a favorite in Philly despite being traded to Boston 20 years ago.
It is always special for me to meet hockey players. On average, they just seem a little more appreciative to their fans and Propp was no different when I met him at the Ultimate Collectibles Show. Propp was having a good time with ex-teammates Kenny Linseman and Tim Kerr. However, whenever any fan approached any of them, that fan got complete attention. It was cool to see.
When I approached Propp, I asked him a few questions about his career. Propp (like most ex-NHL players) was happy to discuss his playing days and to tell a few stories.
Propp is ranked in the top 50 points scorers in NHL history. While he probably will not make the Hall of Fame, he is a Hall of Fame guy.
Brian Propp and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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kc said...

Cool meet J, those guys are classic hockey players. Propp is from around here too, has family close.