Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here is the complete listing and linkage for all of my 2009 interviews.

David Clyde was a baseball phenom when I was growing up. He had an interesting career and I had the pleasure of talking to him at the Miracles Baseball Academy in Houston. Clyde's statements were open, honest and very refreshing. I posted his interviews in parts.
To hear the interviews with Clyde, click here and here.
In 2008, I interviewed Christy Hemme (of TNA wrestling) at the Wizard World Convention in Chicago. In 2009, I caught up with Hemme at the Motor City Comic Con.
To hear the Hemme interview, click here.
I did a phone interview with former pro basketball player Randy Denton. Denton talked about the draft, the ABA, basketball cards and more.
To hear the Denton interview, click here.

I had a quick chat with Bob Uecker in the Milwaukee Brewers dugout. He talked about golfing with Fran Gallagher of Global Traveler magazine.
To see the Uecker interview, click here.

In New York, I caught up Scotty Eyre, who pitched on both sides of Chicago. To see the Eyre interview, click here.

We talked to pitcher Jack Taschner in the Phillies dugout while at Citi Field in New York. Taschner talked about his hometown and his time on the west coast. To see the Taschner interview, click here.

It was a thrill talking to Gorman Thomas. He discussed his favorite ballparks to visit as a player.
To see the Thomas interview, click here.

Willie Randolph was a class act throughout his playing career and he still is. Randolph gave some insight into Milwaukee and other cities when I talked to him at Miller Park. To hear the Randolph interview, click here.

Pitcher Jerry Augustine was another former player with the Brewers who talked to us. He talked about signing autographs at the stadium. To see the Augustine interview, click here.

We caught up with catcher Brad Ausmus, whom we followed for years in Houston. Ausmus talked about playing in Los Angeles and his future. To see the Ausmus interview, click here.

Jim Gantner talked to us about his playing days and the possibility of having his number retired by the Milwaukee Brewers. To see the Gantner interview, click here.

Pinch-hitting ace Manny Mota discussed his favorite cities to visit when he was a player. To see the Mota interview, click here.
Mike Cameron gave me a memorable interview. Cameron talked about the proper way to approach him, his favorite cities to visit, his time in Chicago and his time in Milwaukee.
To see the Cameron interview, click here.
Then, a couple weeks later, I caught up with him in Houston. To see that video, click here.

My interview with Casey Blake got off to a bit of a rough start, too. Blake laughed it off and I recovered enough to make it okay. To hear the Blake interview, click here.

Ryan Braun approached us at Miller Park in Milwaukee. I asked him about the All-Star game and the Home Run hitting contest. To see the Braun interview, click here.

I caught Matt Thornton playing a video game at the Metrodome. I talked to him a bit about his game. To see the Thornton interview, click here.

Jason Michaels talked to us about his favorite cities to visit, which included Chicago. To see the Michaels interview, click here.

Hunter Pence turned down our first request, but came back to us later. To see the Pence interview, click here.

I was very excited to talk to Jose Cruz, one of my earliest mancrushes. To see the Cruz interview, click here.

I talked to Dewey Robinson about favorite cities to visit and about his time with the Chicago White Sox. To see the Robinson interview, click here.

I talked to Cecil Cooper about his favorite cities to visit. To see the Cooper interview, click here.

I think Geoff Blum got me in my quick chat with him. To see the Blum interview, click here.


Paul said...

Interesting interviews and some pretty cool stars.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you got to meet your mancrush Jose Cruz. Who's on your list for 2010?

Johngy said...

Thanka Paul and MK.

As for 2010, I don't usually plan out who I will get. I have a few on my general list (Mike Lamb is one), but I pretty much take them as they present themselves.

NHart said...

Interesting interviews. I like that you get the lesser known but still star people.