Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mike Squires 1975 and 1976 Topps

As I have previously detailed, I love the way my fellow bloggers create virtual baseball cards. Since I don't have great skills at PhotoShop or other such programs, I put out a blog enlisting the aid of those creative bloggers to help me in my quest to give former Chicago White Sox 1st baseman his full compliment of baseball cards. Over the holiday break, I received two such creations.
One person sent me a version of a 1975 Topps Rookie Infielders featuring Squires in one of the slots. This card is very cool and very unexpected. I like the choice of including Squires in this card, because crosstown rookie Manny Trillo is also on the card. How often do you get a card featuring players from both Chicago teams?
Unfortunately, the sender remains anonymous. Please shoot me an email with your info, so I can give you proper credit.
The other creation was sent by Steve over at White Sox Cards. Steve is a virtual card genius! Every creation of his is a masterpiece and he has done several for me. I appreciate all of them.
An interesting and difficult part of the 1976 Topps card Steve created is the position. I didn't even realize that Topps did not give the Sox a 1st baseman in this set. This is hard to believe, but it is true. See, they should have included Squires!
These cards have a special element. They depict Squires in the red pinstripes that the Sox wore in the early 70's when I first started following them. Maybe it is nostalgia, but I still miss those uniforms.
I love these card creations. I can now rest easily, since all of the possible missing cards of Squires have been made. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!


White Sox Cards said...

Always glad to help when I can!

That 1975 Topps card is great!

Johngy said...

Your contributions are always greatly appreciated. I do think that my Squires madness is over, as I now have all of the missing cards.
As for the 1975, I have no idea who sent it, but I appreciate it, too.