Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Mat with Kaitch

As my faithful readers know, I have written a lot about pro wrestlers. Today, I am featuring an amateur wrestler, but a very good one.
My niece Sam Parker is going with Kyle Kolb, an outstanding Senior wrestler at Lincoln-Way Central High School. Kyle's a good guy. He even gave out holiday hugs at Thanksgiving. (Fortunately, he did not give out mistletoe kisses at Christmas...we settled on a warm handshake.)
Somewhere along the way, my nephew Matt and I started calling him Kaitch or Trips, referencing WWE wrestler Triple H. We meant it in good fun and luckily he took it the right way.

Last weekend at Joliet Central High School, Trips took second out of 16 at the Southwest Suburban Conference. Wrestling at a crisp 171 pounds, Trips beat a wrestler from Lockport in triple overtime. Unfortunately, Trips lost in the championship match to a wrestler from Sandburg.
A second place finish is certainly an excellent achievement. I think Trips could have taken first with any of a number of possible lucky breaks. It's at this point where I must reiterate my ideas to him, in an effort to push him that extra bit.
I would like him to use entrance music. This would add a little extra flair (not Ric) to his persona and an aura of which his opponents would fear.
He also might want to consider a manager (like Bobby "the Brain" Heenan). A good manager is there to watch the wrestler's back (and possibly distract the ref when necessary).
Finally, Trips should not rule out a "heel" turn. Look what it did for The Rock (oh I mean Dwayne Johnson). The Rock won his first title shortly after his heel turn.
These are merely suggestions. Trips has done well so far without me. No doubt. I'm just trying to help as the competition gets tougher. Oh and if all else fails, I can see about bringing in a certain Evil Zebra to ref his matches!
Kyle Kolb (on the 2 step) at Joliet Central H.S. in Joliet, IL-January 2010.


Evil Zebra said...

Congrats to Kyle!!!

OK, Jay Leno....
I saw this:

"Oh and if all else fails, I can see about bringing in a certain Evil Zebra to ref his matches!"

Hey.... I can be bought ya, know!!
(You know where to send the check!)

It's not cheating unless you get caught!!

Take it,

The Parkers said...

Kyle, good luck at regionals!