Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rick Steiner:The Dog-Faced Gremlin

Rick Steiner was an excellent wrestler at the University of Michigan. George Steele introduced Steiner into the world of pro wrestling a world Steiner entered following college.
Steiner wrestled in a few organizations before really making his mark in the NWA in 1988. The next year, his brother Scott joined him in the NWA. Despite moving through several organizations, they stayed together (although wrestling as a tag-team and as singles) for most of the next 13 years. Steiner experienced the bulk of his success tag-teaming with Scott, but he still had an excellent singles career.
Steiner was known for wearing amateur wrestling headgear to the ring. He also usually wore a Michigan letterman's jacket, even during his time as a heel.
He is currently a member of the Cherokee County School District. Obviously, Steiner is a bright man who cares about his community. I mistakenly asked him about being a teacher, but he was very polite in correctly me. (I am grateful he did not give me the Steiner-line.)
I did recover a bit by joking that he probably would never use that affiliation as part of his ring introduction. He got a little kick out of that.
Steiner was actually taller than I expected and he looked great. I am happy that he appears to be one wrestler who seems to be doing well as he nears retirement from the ring.
Rick Steiner and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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