Friday, January 15, 2010

Where In the World Will Samantha Go?

My niece Samantha Parker is a high school senior and obviously will be graduating in the Spring of 2010. Sam and her parents have been making visits to several colleges, as Sam decides where is the best fit for her.
I am sure Scott and Jean (her parents) have offered great advice and Sam is bright. I am sure that the best decision will be made in the end.
I went to DePaul and for some odd reason, Sam's brother Matt followed my footsteps and is currently in his third year there. As DePaul is a local school and has no football team (heck, they barely have a basketball team), there is very little interest to me...I mean Sam.

Sam needs to go to a school which will benefit her the most. Certainly occasional visits from her uncle (and brother and father) to cheer on her teams would provide Sam with some comfort while she is away from home. These visits would also strengthen the bonds, as Sam prepares for her adult life. These visits would also provide the support system so vital to a collegiate student during the struggles of academia.
I love Sam dearly and I trust that she will make the best choice for her, I mean me, no wait, I mean her. Good luck Sam and Go Boilermakers! Or Hawkeyes! Or Badgers! Or Cardinals! Or Spartans! Or Wildcats!
Samantha Parker and me in Mokena, IL-December 2009.


Evil Zebra said...

Yo Sam....

Forget Uncle Jay's suggestions....

You should consider going to a "REAL" college, UCONN in Connecticut.... they have the number one Woman's Basketball team in the country... wait, maybe even the world!!

That being said.... I just checked out a few of the other "Sam Parker" sightings here on Uncle Jay Leno's website....

1. What's up with that pose. Sam?
You did the same pose in Dec. 2008 and Dec. 2009!! lol

2. You can bring your friend Donald Duck to UCONN!!!

Take it,

Paul said...

I'm with EZ. UConn all the way.

NHart said...

Aww don't pressure her. Just cuz you picked a lousy school.

Nick H said...

You can't go wrong with a 2.5 hour drive to West Lafayette.

Lots of big things are happening at Purdue, not to mention it's also a great school.

-Nick Halkias

Johngy said...

Wow, an Evil Zebra and a Cheetah (Nick H)...I am honored that you stopped by.
Paul-I'd love UConn
N-Well said.