Saturday, February 6, 2010

Autograph Tales:Jim Pettie

A couple days ago, I wrote about Jim "Seaweed" Pettie and his involvement in George Plimpton's book Open Net. Today, I want to share a story about Pettie signing a puck for me.
As everyone knows, I have always been a fan of hockey, especially during my youth. Pettie was a goaltender with the Boston Bruins in the late 70's, appearing in 21 games over three seasons. After reading Open Net a few years ago, I located Pettie and sent him a puck, asking him to sign it.
About two weeks later, I received my puck signed very nicely by Pettie. He also included a hand-written letter. My favorite line (among many funny ones) was when he stated that he gave the puck to his young daughter to roll at him, so that I could say that I had a puck that he had stopped!
Now that is a classic line!
It was possibly the funniest comment I ever got with an autograph. Experiences like that really make autograph-collecting fun.
Some day, I hope to meet Pettie. I'd like to thank him in person for contributing to Open Net, for the puck and letter and for his time and consideration in helping me write the piece about Open Net. Until that day, let this serve as an open "Thank you" to one of the great hockey characters and an even better guy.

My Jim "Seaweed" Pettie signed hockey puck-Early 2000's.


Terry said...

Pettie sounds like a funny guy.

kc said...

Cool puck, did u have to send a silver paint pen with it?

Johngy said...

I always sent silver pens with pucks. Never wanted to chance it.

A few players even asked me where I got them (apparently unaware of the Silver Sharpie).

burgermeister said...

Great puck and great story.
Open Net is my favourite book. Plimpton's writing is excellent but it was the characters like Jim 'Seaweed' Pettie which made it so good. Would love to meet the guy. I seem to remember his family had a puck manufacturing business. 'My mum makes pucks, my sister sells pucks and I eat pucks' or something like that.

Johngy said...

Thanks for the comment. I have exchanged written notes with Pettie, but never have met him, although he extended me an offer of a beer if I am ever in the area (Rochester, NY). I would love to take him up on that offer.

burgermeister said...

Nice one Johngy.
I'm from the UK but currently studying in Australia. I have to do a short presentation on a sports character for one of my uni courses and chose Seaweed as my subject. I found this site while researching and am so pleased I did. Hope you get to have that beer one day. Thanks, Burgermeister.

Johngy said...

Does Pettie know? He'd love that. He lives in Rochester, NY.

Thanks for your comments and coming back. If you have any pictures with any celebs (of any sort) I'd love to feature you one day. Just keep that in mind if the situation ever arises!
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

will see if I can track him down and ask him for a comment. I'm sure he would come up with something good.