Monday, February 15, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

When I last featured Michele Mupo, I talked about meeting her for the first
time at the Ultimate Collectibles Show. After seeing and reading about Michele all over the place, it was great to finally meet her. It has been a few months and I figured it was time for an update from the woman also known as Fuchsia.
Fuchsia's song Keep the Peace on YouTube is getting great response and continues to get more views. It's an excellent song, with a lot of great pictures shown throughout the video. Michele also has a few of her other songs on her MySpace page. My favorite is Never Forever, although I really liked all of them.
Michele recently told me she is busy writing a sitcom (keep me in mind if you need a wacky neighbor). She is also working on her cd.
As if all of that doesn't keep Michele busy enough, she mentioned that she will be on Cynthia Gibb's dvd on vocal lessons. The dvd should be coming out soon from Cool Music, Inc. Somehow I missed Gibbs at the Ultimate Collectibles Show, but Michele didn't (as seen below).
Oh and I almost forgot, Michele Mupo and Associates represent over 50 star clients. Many of her clients are big names in the wrestling industry, but her non-wrestling star list is expanding rapidly.
Michele seems to have her hand in everything. I am just grateful she took a few minutes to give me her update to share with all of you.
Cynthia Gibb and Michele Mupo in Oaks, PA-October 2009.


kc said...

I think every 30-40 year male had a crush on her from Youngblood.

Johngy said...

A post by Josh was unfortunately lost.
Josh met Michele at a show and had some complimentary things to say about her.
Thanks Josh.
Not sure what happened to your post.