Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam

Today my niece Sam Parker celebrates her 18th birthday. As the saying goes, it seems like only yesterday when she was born.
She's a senior at Lincoln-Way High School and an excellent volleyball player. I can't call her a kid anymore. Sam is a great young lady.
She puts up with me (and that's not easy) when I sleep over at my sister's house. She laughs at my jokes and joins in on them. She is the innovator of the "Park it" fist bump. She also likes Ranch dressing on her pizza.
I don't see her enough (although she might think I see her too much). I occasionally bother her with a text (well, my alter egos bother her) or a Facebook note. Her replies always make me laugh.
I am sure she will read this (because someone will let her know), so Happy Birthday, Sam...I love you!
Sam Parker (third from left, front row) in IL-Softball season 2008-09.


Sam said...

aweee thanks uncle john! (:
your the best!
i love youu too!

Sam said...

p.s. you can still call me a kid its okayy haha
and yess ranch on pizzaa mmmm! said...

Sam, Happy 18 Birthday!!
Love, Mom & Dad