Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy Photos, It's Batman

Everyone knows Aquaman is my favorite Superhero, but I would never miss the chance to take a photo with any Superhero. Many years ago, Louie and I met one while working.
Years ago at Lerner Newspapers, we occasionally had a booth at various neighborhood fests. One such event was Schaumburg Fest in the summer of 1990. Our Powers That Be decided to make a big cardboard replica of our front page, with a big square hole in it. The thought was that fest-attendees would flock to our booth to have their picture taken.
Aside from the fact that fest goers really couldn't care less about having their picture taken for a "cover" of the Schaumburg Voice, the attempt was pointless since we had nothing else at the booth. So a handful of people came over, but then quickly left after taking their picture. We didn't supply the camera. Some people came over and left annoyed, because they didn't have a camera either!
The moment of the day occurred when "Batman" walked by our booth. Even before there was a thought of Johngy's Beat, Louie and I jumped at the chance to have our picture taken with the Caped Crusader.
Silly us, we also thought it could be used for a fun story in the paper about the event. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be didn't see any use for it. Why have any fun stuff in the paper? Why give yourself a little free publicity in your own paper? Did I mention that paper went out of business within the year?
Well, I found a use for it. Right here and right now!
Louie Atsaves, Batman and me in Schaumburg, IL-Summer 1990.

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