Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oz? Vinnie Vegas? Diesel? Kevin Nash!

It seems that every time I meet Kevin Nash, he looks different. It also seems that each time I meet him, he is in a new phase of his wrestling career.
I first met Nash at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show in 2000. Nash was in his second stint in WCW and was perhaps at his popularity peak. His hair was long and he also appeared to have been recovering from a rough night.
I met him again at the first Wrestler Reunion in 2005. Nash was now in TNA wrestling and sporting a new short hair cut. I got my first glimpse of a funny, relaxed Nash.
Thanks to Klinger Promotions, I met Nash again a couple years ago. Nash had regrown his hair, which was gray-white by now. He was pretty quite, but the room was not conducive to a whole lot of intimate talk. I have since met Nash a few more times and he seems to be ever-changing. It's kind of funny.
I have to admit, Nash has grown on me. He has his detractors, but he has accomplished a lot in wrestling and nobody can deny that. Last time I met Nash, he gladly put me in a headlock for a photo (hmm, maybe he just doesn't like me).
Kevin Nash and me in Elgin, IL-early 2008.


Terry said...

You forgot Big Sexy.

Jason said...

Nash still owes us a six-pack from that Pillman 2000 show!

Johngy said...

What about Woman?