Monday, March 1, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

Last week my sister Nancy was highlighted here. Today, I am featuring Nancy's husband Dave Blais, making his Friendly Encounters debut with Becky Johnson.
Becky started as a volunteer singer at the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington (IL) and joined the staff about a year ago as lead vocalist. In 2006, she formed Beckon Q with Lukas Quanstrom. Nathan Ykema and Scott Dalheim later joined Beckon Q. Ykema also recently became her husband.

Becky's YouTube channel features Picture of You, which many consider to be her breakout song. Songs with Beckon Q can be heard and purchased on the Beckon Q site.
I asked Becky about seeing her first album. Becky said, "My first album was cut in 2005 and it was so exciting the day they all arrived pressed and printed on my doorstep. Then I joined up with Luke Quanstrom in Chicago to form the band Beckon Q, and as a band, we had the same joy a couple years later. Now I am working on a sophomore solo album. The excitement in seeing your art come to life never gets old."
Becky had some more excitement when she appeared on American Idol. Commenting on that experience, she said,
"It is one of those experiences definitely worth trying for."
With two albums done, an appearance on American Idol, performances at the WCCC, songs on YouTube and other such exposure, I wondered if she was ever recognized by fans. Becky told me, "I've had a few experiences like this before. It's super flattering when this happens and usually people have such kind and encouraging words to offer."
The young singer appears to be in the early stages of a successful career. She has gained a loyal, local fan base. Becky said, "I've stayed very regional in the midwest, but definitely would be open to traveling more. It's great to play in front of new crowds and meet people from all across the states."
I really appreciate Becky for taking the time to answer my questions.
I certainly hope she will continue to update us on her latest news. I also thank Dave for sharing his picture and leading us to Becky.
Becky Johnson and Dave Blais in South Barrington, IL-2009.

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