Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jackie Robinson and Jim Gekas

My friend Jim Gekas is an avid and knowledgeable baseball fan. We have attended a bunch of games together, as well as stumped each other on trivia and debated each other on baseball lists.
Jim has also dabbled in music. Occasionally, I have had the pleasure of hearing some of his compositions as works in progress. One such song is Mr. Robinson.
A few months ago, Jim told me about a song he was writing and played an unfinished version, sung by his friend Tony Calderisi (and fellow composer). The song is an original tribute in honor of the late great Jackie Robinson, but it is equally about life.
This is an excellent song. I'm not just saying this because Jim is my friend. This song has a catchy melody and refrain. It's a song with a positive, but realistic, message about life. It's the kind of song that the great Terry Cashman or Steve Goodman would have done.
My explanations can't do justice to Mr. Robinson, but I know I like it. I'm not telling you to like Mr. Robinson. That will happen naturally if you give it a listen by clicking the photo below.
Jackie Robinson the title figure in Mr. Robinson by Jim Gekas.


Sky Torvis said...

Nice tribute, Jim. When can we expect the John Jaha song. That's the one the fans are really waiting for.



Paul said...

I like it a lot.

Mike Gonzalez said...

It does kinda remind me of a Steve Goodman song. Does Jim have any more songs online?