Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mark Cuban, Matt Parker and Most of Johngy

When my sister's family lived in Houston, my nephew Matt and I went to a Houston Rockets game. Their opponent was the Dallas Mavericks.
We got to the game early and were enjoying the shoot around when Matt spotted Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks, sitting courtside. Nobody was really approaching him and he seemed into the warmups. We waited until he started to leave the court area, presumably to the Mavericks dressing room.
We asked him for a photo and he eagerly agreed to pose with us. The problem started with the usher, whom we asked to take the picture. First, he had the camera pointed at himself. Cuban pointed that out to him and he flipped it around.
The usher managed to take the picture on his second try. Unfortunately, he didn't take a great picture, as part of my face is cut off and his finger is included lower left.
We didn't have time to check the picture and ask for a better one with Cuban. He had already been extremely patient while the chucklehead usher fumbled with the camera (point and push, pretty easy). Cuban even laughed off the first backward attempt. He couldn't have been nicer.
Oh well, at least we met Cuban and have a funny story to tell. I also have a picture orf half of me to prove it!
Matt Parker, Mark Cuban and (most of) me in Houston, TX-mid 2000's.

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