Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shunned By Jeff Kent

Since I started doing interviews, people have often asked the usual questions. They want to know who has been nice, mean, funny etc. I have told many stories of very nice, accommodating celebrities. Today, I am highlighting a not-so-accommodating player.
When we were in Los Angeles, I got a lot of good material. I started to feel good and tried to 'up' my game a bit more.
I approached Jeff Kent and asked if I could just ask a couple questions. He barely acknowledged me and muttered that he needed to hit.
Look at the picture. Does it look like any real hitting was happening? Coach Larry Bowa is hitting fungos. My friend Chuck and I actually helped him with retrieving errant throws back from the infielders.
I don't really remember what Kent did next, but I know he didn't take major batting practice.
Don't get me wrong though. Kent had every right to turn down my request. In fact, he did not even have to give me a reason. However, if I left it at that, there would be no post today.
I do think Kent could have given me 30 seconds without it messing up his day. It was well before game time and most players weren't even out on the field. Coach Bowa and Coach Mike Easler were actually joking around with Chuck and me while they were doing their duties.
Actually, I like Kent. I have liked him ever since he broke into the majors as a skinny second baseman with the Toronto Blue Jays. I also think he will get into the Hall of Fame at some point (and then I will probably me more upset that he screwed me out of an interview with a Hall of Famer!).
Jeff Kent and me (and Larry Bowa) in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA-June 2008.

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