Friday, March 12, 2010

The Youngest Brady, Susan Olsen

Didn't everyone in the early 70's want to be a Brady kid? Over the last few weeks, I have highlighted Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) and Robbie Rist (cousin Oliver). Today, I am featuring "the youngest one in curls", also known as Susan Olsen.
Olsen has done a little bit of a lot of things since her Brady days. One thing she has not done however is adult movies, despite the rumors. Olsen and I joked about that urban legend when we talked at the Hollywood Celebrities Show. It's just one of those urban legends.
Olsen talked about being close to former co-star Robert Reed. She also said the "tattle tale" episode is the one she least liked, because of the reaction she got from her friends.
Olsen willingly discussed her time as a Brady. I think she would have made a pretty cool younger sister (although she's older than me).
Susan Olsen and me in Rosemont, IL-Fall 2008.

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