Saturday, April 17, 2010

Autograph Tales:Dan Goich

One of the strangest in-person autographs I ever got involved one of my sister's teachers. It happened completely by accident, too! One day, when I was about 12 or so, I was sorting through my shoebox of football cards. I came across a card which I found funny and decided to show my sister Jean. I am not even sure why, since I didn't often show her any of my cards. Jean was a student at St. Francis de Sales High School at the time. She immediately recognized the player as a teacher at school. Okay, what are the odds?
The player on the card and the teacher at her school was Dan Goich, former Defensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and New York Giants. Goich played for 5 years in the NFL and had actually retired by the time his 1974 card was printed.
Of course, Jean would never bring my card to school to ask Goich to sign it. I can't blame her for that. I did take matters into my own hands at the next school event. I went up to Goich and asked him myself. He seemed surprised that anyone would have his card. This was funny, because it was only a few years after he retired.
I should have gotten my picture taken with him, but for some reason I didn't. It was a rare miscue on my part in the celeb photo-op department. Oh well. I later learned that Goich is a native Chicagoan. Also, he attended Mt. Carmel High School, my alma mater, about the time I was born.
I am not sure what Goich is doing now. If I find out, I will certainly do an update. Either way, he will always stand out as one of the oddest stories I have about autographs.
Dan Goich's 1974 Topps football card.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what Dan Goich is doing now. He was my government teacher in 1998, Rancho High school Las Vegas, NV and still is. I see him often around town driving his old beat up 1970s cadillac. I remember him mentioning in class once that he was an ex football player. Hes a tough teacher but firm and I learned alot from him. Good ol Goich.

Johngy said...

Thanks for the update. Maybe some day he will read this and contact me, too.

Tom said...

I saw Dan today working out at 24 hour fitness. He is retired as of the 31st of this month after 23 years teaching at Rancho High School here in Las Vegas and 10 years at a previous school out of state. We are colleagues and though not bosom buddies are friends.

Johngy said...

I'd love to do an update on him, if he is ever interested. If you ever get the chance and are willing, I'd appreciate you passing this on to him.

Tom said...

I'll mention it next time I see him. Having names might help.

Johngy said...

You, Dan or anyone else can email me at
I know he won't remember me or my sister (John and Jean Wroblewski), but he was my first solo in-person autograph way back when. I'd love to ask him a few questions via phone or email for an update here.
Thanks for stopping by and if you ever have any celeb encounters and care to share them, send them along. I love getting new people/stories here.

Anonymous said...


If anyone knows how to get in touch with Dan Goich via e-mail I would appreciate it.
My interest in him is Ancestry research and it would help a lot. Thank you.


Johngy said...

I posted your comment hoping you get a response. If you ever do get in touch with him, please pass along my contact info, too. I'd love to talk to him. Good luck.

Gabe Rodriguez said...

I remember him back in my high school days at rancho h.s.
he was a good government teacher. Class of 2002!

Ana Cuadras said...

Mr.Goich was an awesome teacher! I remember everytime he had to sign something he always said "one day this will be worth something". Man he was my favorite teacher. Too bad he retired from teaching. And I remember his beat up car he would drive to school. haa Im glad I took pictures with him. Good ol' Goich. I would love to bump into him just one more time!

Johngy said...

If you are willing to share that picture on my site, I would love to run it with whatever memories you have of Goich. Hit my up by email at if you are willing or have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Dan and I were team mates at Coalonga Jr. College, Coalinga California. Now West Hills College, Coalings; in 1963-1965. During the 1964 Season we were 11-1. We lost the first game 6-8 to Oceanside Community College and then went on to win the next 10 games including a 44-14 win over Santa Barbra City College in the inagural Lions Bowl game. Dan was an all conference and Defensive MVP,of the bowl Went on to Cal and the rest is history.

I last saw Dan in October 2015 at a reunion and Hall of fame inductin at Coalinga,and spoke tohim in December 2015, my annual Christmas phone call with him. He is doing well and spends part of his time in Las Vegas and part in Chicago.
Dan is a great friend. I will not share Dan's email or phone numbers so please do not ask.

Jim Davis

Johngy said...

Thanks for reading and sharing your story. I would never expect you to give out his info. If you happen to remember though, let him know about this story.

Sir Ned said...

dan is a good friend of mine, here in vegas

Johngy said...

Sir Ned-Thanks for commenting. Please tell Dan about this. I get to Vegas about once a year and would love to meet him again.

Ruth Bryan said...

This is amazing!! I always wondered about him after I graduated..