Saturday, April 3, 2010

Autograph Tales:John Rienstra

John Rienstra played guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns during his seven year NFL career. He was selected in the first round (9th overall) by the Steelers in the 1986 draft
I sent Rienstra a couple cards a few years after he retired. I got the cards back within a couple weeks and was surprised to see two autographs on each card. Technically, I am not sure if one was an autograph, since it was printed.
Included with the signed cards was a short note from Rienstra. He stated that his young daughter had gotten her hands on the cards and was practicing her printing. He also apologized.
I guess here is where I differ from a lot of collectors. I think this is pretty cool. Hey, a John Rienstra autographed card isn't worth a lot of cash anyway (no disrespect to Rienstra), and the daughter's "addition" make it a good story and a unique card. I liked it.
I should keep an eye out for the Rienstra lass. If she ever makes it really big somewhere, I will have one of her first autographs (sort of).
John Rienstra football cards signed by Rienstra and his daughter-mid 90's.

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That's something that will be unique to your collection! Great story.