Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Boys, Denny McLain and Johngy

When we last saw this particular Big Boy, JayHawk Evans (an American Legend) was trying to wrestle the hamburger from his grip. This time, I was checking his left ear for wax buildup or other such abnormalities.
This was the Big Boy restaurant where we thought we saw Denny McLain. Other people said it was McLain, too. I never actually talked to him to confirm it that day however.
Later last year, when I met McLain at the Ultimate Collectibles Show, he denied being in that Big Boy. McLain said he rarely gets to the Detroit area and could not remember ever going to a Big Boy there.
In a couple months, I will be back in the Detroit area and quite possibly back at this Big Boy. If I see the McLain impostor, I will confront him for my peace of mind. I might even ask him for a photo for this blog.
Big Boy and me in Novi, MI-May 2009.


Core Contrarian said...

1 mile from the homestead.

Nope never saw Denny there.

Johngy said...

Hmmm the mystery grows.