Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Godfather of Chicago Sports, Chet Coppock

Laurie was on a committee for a local school's fundraiser. When she told me she had snagged Chet Coppock for the emcee, I was ecstatic.
Coppock has done it all. His unique style has made him a sports icon. Broadcasters like Coppock are hard to find in these days of vanilla. Coppock is anything but vanilla.
I actually crossed paths with Coppock once before. We were both at a storage facility. I heard Coppock's voice and immediately knew it was him. We exchanged pleasantries, but that was the extent of the encounter.
Laurie and I were the first to greet Coppock as he walked into the banquet hall. He brought some copies of his newly released book, Fat Guys Shouldn't Be Dancin' at Halftime, and I made sure to get an autographed copy.
Coppock did a great job at the event. His turn as auctioneer brought in large bucks for some items. He mingled and told fascinating stories. he even commented that he liked my purple Chuck Taylor's. Coppock was truly larger-than-life.
I really enjoyed meeting the man, the myth, the legend and so did everyone else. Thanks Chet!
Chet Coppock and me in Chicago, IL-September 2009.

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