Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Grobber

It seems like Les Grobstein has been around forever. I remember him from the old WLS 89 AM, where he did sports reports. He really hasn't been around forever, but he pretty much has done it all. Currently, he does overnights on WSCR in Chicago.
Grobstein has an unbelievable memory. He can recall stats and events like few people and he is interesting. He doesn't just spew out data.
Grobber is a Chicago sports icon. I have listened to him pretty much my whole life, yet even I didn't realize just how much he has accomplished.
Grobstein's website is a virtual museum. The dozens of pictures alone are worth the trip.
I met Grobstein at a charity bowling event held by WSCR many years ago. We talked sports for a few minutes, which was a few minutes more than he had considering how busy he was. Still, he didn't shun anyone.
If you still haven't found something interesting, go to YouTube and search "Lee Elia rant". It is one of the most famous audio clips in sports history and it is the result of a question Grobstein asked then Cubs Manager Lee Elia.
Les Grobstein in Arlington Heights, IL-mid 1990's.

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