Friday, April 23, 2010

I Need a New Videographer

I have interviewed Christy Hemme twice, once at a wrestling pay-per-view and once at the Motor City Comic Con. She was great both times and also every other time I have met her.
Unfortunately, my videographer at the MCCC was not great. In fact he was lousy. I thought he had the videotaping under control. He's a techno-whiz.
Hemme was the first person I had the chance to interview at the MCCC in 2009. She gave me a good couple of minutes and I was happy that we were off to such a good start.
Then my friend showed me the video (and I used that term very loosely). At that point, I was totally frustrated. I had no other options and this one obviously was not going to work.
I haven't mentioned his name, because he is a good guy and meant to help. It just didn't work out that way....and below is the proof.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen many of your videos and in this humble opinion, the ones covertly shot in New York are still being talked about.