Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-Fame...Pre-White Sox Cards

I have a recurring series called Pre-Fame...Pre-Johngy, which is about me, before I became Johngy, meeting people before they became famous. Today, I am starting a spinoff, featuring others in the Pre-Johngy slot. First up is Steve, from White Sox Cards.
Before there was a White Sox Cards...and before Rob Mackowiak played for the beloved White Sox (and the Pirates, Padres and Nationals)...
Steve and Rob were classmates at Oak Lawn Community High School in Oak Lawn (IL). Not only were they classmates for three years, but they took gym class together.
I learned this fact while reading an April Fool's piece on White
Sox Cards. The post was brilliantly done. Had it not been April 1, I would have believed it completely. Mackowiak is exactly the type of player who the Cubs would sign in hopes that he would regain his form of several seasons ago.
I asked Steve about his encounters with Mackowiak. Steve stated, "The thing I will always remember about Rob in school is that we took a gym class together and we would talk White Sox baseball during down time. It makes me laugh to think we used to talk about Ozzie Guillen as a player and that years later, Rob was being managed by him."
Awesome! Thanks to Steve for sharing this and for being the first person in the Pre-Fame...Pre- ?? spinoff series.
1993 Oak Lawn Community High School yearbook photos of Steve and Rob Mackowiak.


White Sox Cards said...

Ahhh... memories.

Great job!

Johngy said...

Thanks for sharing and stopping by.