Sunday, May 30, 2010

Autograph Tales:Van Halen

When I was a kid, Hegewisch Records was paradise. Hegewisch Records was a small record store located on South Torrence Ave. in Calumet City, IL. They had rows and rows of awesome albums and many cool tshirts, too. It was the place to go for your music needs or just to wander.
One Saturday, I was in Hegewisch Records when the manager announced that a band would be there soon to sign their debut album. The band was Van Halen and their album sold out quickly. I did manage to get a promocard and waited for the band.
None of us really knew Van Halen. We knew they were a new band and we liked the sound, but we had no idea how big they would become.
They arrived to a jam-packed Hegewisch Records. For Hegewisch Records, that probably meant about 150 people. They tried to limit everyone to one signature, but the logistics made it a little bit chaotic. You were basically forced to walk by each member anyway, so most of us got multiple signatures. I only missed getting Eddie Van Halen, but 3 out of 4 isn't bad!
A card signed by 3/4 of Van Halen in Calumet City, IL-October 1977.


White Sox Cards said...

Awesome autographs!

I haven't been to Hegewisch Records in years. One of my cousins lived out in Glenwood when the store was open. We used to make a pilgrimage to Hegewisch almost every time I was over. It was a shame what happened to the owner.

Greg said...

Hegwisch records had everything you need for music. The first "album" I purchased with my own money, was there (the Goofy Greats album was a present). I bought a beatle's cassette to impress my friend John. When I picked him up playing it, he wasn't impressed. He owned it already, and heard it many times... and that impressible person turned into a blogger, and does Johngy's beat. Now, you know the rest of the story......

Johngy said...

Steve-What happened to the owner?

Greg-Very funny.

White Sox Cards said...

Joe Sotiros, 53, was found shot to death Sept. 13, 1991, in his home on Stuenkel Road in Will County. It is still unsolved.

Anonymous said...

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