Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to make this post yesterday. It is a day late, but the message is very much from my heart.
Yesterday was my niece Laura's birthday. I can't believe that Laura turned 23 already. It seems only yesterday that she was a happy and playful little girl. She is still happy and playful, but she is no longer a little girl.
I missed too many special occasions with Laura as she was growing up. I was in a blue funk and I stayed away. I always loved her (and my whole family), but I can't make excuses. I handled bad times poorly.
A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to drive to New York with Laura and her mom (my sister). Last year, I had the chance to make the same drive with them. I know it doesn't erase years of missing out, but I am so happy to have spent that time with her. I learned a lot about Laura and I had a great time.
Laura has blossomed into a great young lady. She's smart, funny and courageous. She is the best.
Happy belated birthday, Laura. I love you!
Laura (and Iggy) and me in Elmwood Park, IL-early 1990's.


The Parkers said...

Great picture! Hope you had a wonderful day! Love, Aunt Jean

Laura said...

Thanks Uncle Crash! I had lots of fun driving with you on my NY trips, and I hope we can hang out more in the future!

EVIL ZEBRA said...

"Uncle Crash"???

Does she know something
that we don't?

Give us the dirt, Laura!!!
Always like to be one up on
your Uncle JAY!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Laura...
any left-over CAKE?!?!?!

That being said....
Hey Jay..Congrats on your Wrestling Figs
write up that I saw today....
Hangin' out with a few of my girls, eh!!

Take it,