Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shunned by Manny Ramirez

A couple months ago, I wrote about Jeff Kent shunning my interview request. Today, I am featuring another member of the Dodgers who shunned me (and pretty much everyone else).
Manny Ramirez had a tough season in 2009. He was suspended for 50 games because of PED's. On a good day, Ramirez isn't exactly people-friendly. I happened to catch him shortly after his suspension ended.
My nephew Matt and I were on the field getting interviews. We saw Ramirez and wanted to add him to our list. Okay, I admit, it was my pettiness. I wanted to 'log in' Ramirez. I didn't care what I got. I just wanted something.
Matt and I stepped in between him and the batting cage, but he essentially split us as he strolled past. He made brief eye contact with me, but he actually patted Matt on the shoulder. We didn't get anything from him though. Not even a "no comment". It was the worst shun of all, the silent shun.
Matt did capture the aftermath on film though. There is me, forlornly looking on as Ramirez enters the batting cage area. Manager Joe Torre and Coach Jeff Pentland are also in the shot (on the right side area).
Maybe having Ramirez shun me was a right of passage. Now I can consider myself a legit part of the press, because Manny wanted nothing to do with me. I feel proud.
Manny Ramirez (far left) and me (far right) in Dodger Stadium Los Angeles, CA-June 2008.

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