Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrity Rookie Cards:Part 5

They aren't perfect, but they are my attempt at the world of virtual cards. These are the Celebrity Rookie Cards.

Jonathon Brandmeier was was first heard on Chicago airwaves in 1983 when he was with the Loop. Johnny B. was part of my daily routine for the next 14 years. When I worked very early hours, I talked to him on the air a few times. Unfortunately, I never saw his band The Leisure Suits perform. Even worse, after his 20005 return to Chicago, he was released by WLUP in 2009.
While I await his return to the airwaves, I have given Johnny B. his rookie card. The photo was captured from a video and therefore is less than perfect, but does the job!
Judge Judy Sheindlin has been dispensing justice since 1965. Her tv series Judge Judy debuted in 1996. I am not sure why the native New Yorker is dressed in Red Sox attire, but it did earn her a Celebrity Rookie Card.


Cleveland Mike said...

Nice timing on the Brandmeier Blackhawks card. Congrats to Chicago!

Evil Zebra said...

Judge Judy now is actually my neighbor here in Connecticut....

Hence the Red Sox jersey....
she is now what we like to refer to ourselves here in Connecticut as a "tweener" fan.... since we are right between New York and Boston.... Me being "EVIL" am not however a "tweener" fan as I like neither the New York or Boston teams.... I'm still a PHILLY fan!!

Take it,

Johngy said...

They'd love you at GT World Headquarters in Yardley. Oh, I mean they DO love you.
Oh j/k...everyone loves EZ!

Evil Zebra said...

Next time I'm down in Yardley, I'll have to drop in!!

Bet you didn't know that this Zebra
was born and raised in Norristown, PA not only the home of EZ.... but also the home of a few of my other friends.... including Alere Little Feather, Steve Bono, Tom Brandi (aka Salvatore Sincere and the Patriot) Geno Auriemma and Tommy LaSorda... to name a few.....

I still have family and friends down there, so I hit the area as much as I can....

Take it,

P.S. I can't believe Jay Leno and his softball team are 0 - 4 !!!!

OMG... What LOSERS!!!

Johngy said...

No no no, the Losers was my high school intramural team (see posts labeled Losers).
Very familiar with Norristown. Hmmm paths destined to cross?