Monday, June 21, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a series dedicated to my friends meeting celebs.

Joshua Kohl writes DodgerBobble, an interesting blog about the Los Angeles Dodgers, bobbleheads and baseball. Recently, he had attended Opening Day, where he met some of the more notable members of the Dodgers organization. He shared the experience with his readers a while back, but today, he is allowing me to share it here as well.
Joshua met Tommy LaSorda, Ned Colletti, Kim Ng and others. He also witnessed a few pre-game ceremonies. Then he saw a great Opening Day victory by the Dodgers.
Obviously, Joshua had a great time and it makes a great story with great pictures. You really should read it all on his site and check out the rest of DodgerBobble, too. For now, I hope you enjoy the picture of Joshua and LaSorda. Thanks to Joshua and DodgerBobble for sharing this.
Joshua Kohl and Tommy LaSorda in Los Angeles, CA-April 2010.


dodgerbobble said...

Wow, thank you very much.

Johngy said...

Thanks for sharing. Feel free to send any future celeb meetings and I'll put them up too.

dodgerbobble said...

Living here in LA, I will always encounter a celebrity here or there(usually B-list). Everytime I see Erin Moran in your sidebar, it reminds me of Marion Ross, who does Narrates the Christmas Story for my mothers choir every year. She's a nice lady. I'll send you the pics and video when I get a chance.

Evil Zebra said...


Bet you didn't know that Tommy
and EZ are both from Norristown, Pa!!!

Yup.... you can find pics of Tommy and EZ over in EZland too..... LOL

Nice to see the pic of Joshua and Tommy!! Oh yea.... I got my Tommy Lasorda bobblehead sitting right here on my desk!!

Take it,