Monday, June 28, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a series dedicated to my friends meeting celebs.

I have featured members of the Gekas family here before. I have even featured Chief Pellum previously in this spot. Today, I am featuring 2 different members of the Gekas family, along with the Chief.
The eldest daughter of Chuck T. Gekas (aka Chachi) is Christine, who is married to Jim Pellum. Jim and Christine have become pool stalwarts in the last few years. Jim has even recruited several more members of his family to the pools. The more the merrier, except when creating side-bets within the pool.
Back to my point though, Jim and Christine brought their dog Chief Pellum to a recent White Sox game. I heard that the Chief was not too impressed with the lineup. Chief was impressed with Mike Maddux, pitching coach for the Texas Rangers. Apparently, Maddux was impressed with the Chief, as he said, "That's a great lookin' dog."
I am a bit jealous. I have met many celebrities, but none have called me "great looking"! Still, I am a big enough man to not let that get in the way of a great Friendly Encounter picture.
Christine (Gekas) Pellum and Chief Pellum in Chicago, IL-June 2010.Mike Maddux, Chief Pellum and Jim Pellum in Chicago, IL-June 2010.

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