Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Beat with Paula Faris

My friend Chuck is fond of saying "We're all professional." It can be used in many situations and Chuck uses it wisely. It is sort of his way (and now mine, since I have begun using it, too) of saying that we belong (wherever we are). Of course, Chuck doesn't announce it to the world, although occasionally he has tossed it into the small talk of an interview.
Now, with several years under our belts, we really do belong and really are all professional. We've been on many major league fields and in many clubhouses. We even took part in a pre-game interview session with Ron Gardenhire and the beat writers in Gardenhire's office at Target Field.
Last week while at Wrigley, I saw NBC's Paula Faris interviewing Randy Wells of the Chicago Cubs. Okay, yes we are all professional, but Global Traveler and I don't quite carry the weight that NBC does. I was not able to interview Wells. I did not walk away empty-handed though. I jumped at the opportunity to interview the interviewer, Paula Faris. Paula talked about her favorite vacation spots and traveling with the Cubs for the playoffs (which unfortunately won't happen this year).
I was very happy to be able to talk to Paula. She does a great job for Chicago's NBC5 sports news team. She is a multi-time Emmy winner, including one for her coverage of the Chicago Marathon.
I also really appreciate Paula giving a few moments of her time. She was busy doing her own job, including getting coverage of the Alan Trammel on-field session.
Unfortunately, the camera work was not the best effort. The sun was so bright, I couldn't even see Paula through the viewfinder. I was further hampered by the zoom, which was stuck. Still, it did not deter me. Sometimes things happen and cause challenges. Sometimes the conditions are not the best. The key is to muddle through it. After all, we are all professional!
Paula Faris interviewing Randy Wells in Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL-July 2010.

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