Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Rookie of the Year

Todd Hollandsworth was the 1996 NL Rookie of the Year. He was the last of five consecutive ROY's for the Los Angeles Dodgers. (This streak coupled with another streak to produce 9 ROY's for the Dodgers in an 18 year period.)
Hollandsworth never developed into a star, but he did play for twelve years in the majors (with eight teams, including the Chicago Cubs). He probably could be considered a journeyman, but somehow he seemed to have a better career than the stats show.
Hollandsworth cited winning the World Series (although he didn't play much in it) with the Florida Marlins and his ROY award as his two highlights. He also said he had a lot of other memorable times, including playing with the Cubs
Hollandsworth is still in the Chicago area, working in the media. I really enjoy his analysis on the Score and hope he gets bigger and more frequent gigs.
Todd Hollandsworth and me in Skokie, IL-Winter 2008.

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