Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seasons in the Sun

I'm taking a break from the usual Seasons in the Sun coverage to highlight another version of the same theme. Today, I am featuring Jake, he of the slugging Red Sox.
Jake's team usually plays closer to his home, but there was a special away game played at the legendary Thillens Stadium on the northside of Chicago. Thillens is to little leaguers as Wrigley Field is to major leaguers. It was founded in 1938 and has been open since, except for a brief period in 2005.
Jake played a solid game, contributing with a hit, a walk, a couple stolen bases and a couple runs scored. Jake played a bit in the outfield and finished at second base. He was solid defensively, but his best play was probably chasing down a long hit and getting it back into the infield to hold the batter to a double. I thought it was a sure inside-the-park homer.
I don't think any of the kids knew or cared about the historical significance of Thillens. They were happy that the concession stand sold good ice cream, though. It doesn't matter. These kids have plenty of time to learn history, but only a few short years to really enjoy ice cream after a ball game.
Jake taking a little pre-game batting practice.
Jake and me at Thillens Stadium in Chicago-June 2010.

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