Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shunned by Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd is probably the Cubs MVP for this season. Byrd, who signed with the Chicago Cubs as a free agent, has had a solid career, but is clearly delivering much more than promised.
A couple weeks ago however, Byrd joined an exclusive club. Byrd shunned me, joining former Johngy's Beat shunners Jeff Kent and Manny Ramirez. Like with the others, I don't have a problem with being shunned. There is no obligation and any interview I get is a plus.
I would have liked to talk to Byrd. I planned on asking about the Texas heat versus Chicago's current heat streak. Of course, the one time I have a totally different question, I don't get to use it.
Byrd has been one of the subjects of trade rumors. I am sure this isn't what he expected when he signed here. At only 32, Byrd still has some good years left. I'd like to see him stay in Chicago. Maybe then, I'll get another opportunity and maybe next time, he won't shun me.

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