Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #4

Tonight, the Bears at a surprising 3-0 face the New York Giants who are a disappointing 1-2.  Call me crazy, but I think the Bears will win this game, despite it being in New York.
For the first time in many years, the tight end is playing a key role for the Bears.  Greg Olsen already has 10 catches and two touchdowns.  This is his 4th year on the Bears.
The last time the Bears had a consistent tight end play for several years was probably Emery Moorehead, who was on the '85 Super Bowl Champion Bears.  Moorehead started his career with the New York Giants.  I met Moorehead twice, once with Kevin Butler (former kicker) and once with his son Aaron, who played for the Indianapolis Colts.
Aaron and Emery seemed to be having a ball.  I think it was the first time they ever appeared together at a signing.  Emery was very much the proud father, even joking that Aaron would be taking care of him as Aaron's NFL career progressed.
I really like the picture below.  It ties in everything.  Aaron played for the Indianapolis Colts.  A Peyton Manning jersey hangs in the upper right corner.  Peyton's brother Eli is currently leading the Giants.  It's a bit circular, but it is symmetry.
Aaron and Emery Moorehead flanking me in Skokie, IL-Mid 00's.

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