Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What If Cards

I dedicate this post to Steve over at White Sox Cards. Steve is a loyal Sox fan, an interesting blogger and the first blogger I saw creating original virtual cards.
There are a lot of different types of virtual cards (from Steve and other bloggers). I have seen Cards That Never Were, Final Tributes, Chachi cards, Birth Year Cards and some goofball even has Celebrity Rookie Cards (!?).
During a recent conversation with my dad, I remembered that a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears once tried out for the White Sox. He even pitched for Iowa, their AAA team. He had an ERA of 9 over 7 innings. The experiment ended, but not before Sox owner (and marketing genius) Bill Veeck had the "prospect" in a White Sox uniform, tossing pitches in front of the media. Of course, this whole experiment was more flash than actual substance, but the "prospect" was a great athlete and possibly could have made it to the Sox if he started a bit earlier.
I found an image of this quarterback-turned-pitching prospect and created a "What if" card for him.
The media coverage wasn't quite as comprehensive back then, but the b/w photo fits perfectly with the 1979 Sox prospects card. Without further yammering, I now present my creation of what if Bobby Douglass actually made it to the White Sox.

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