Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Could Turn the World on with her Smile?

I have never really met Mary Tyler Moore. I did come across this bronze statue of MTM in downtown Minneapolis (MN), the hometown of Moore's fictional and tremendously popular fictional character Mary Richards. Actually, 'tremendously popular' really only scratches the surface of Mary Richards (and MTM for that matter).
MTM first became really popular on The Dick Van Dyke Show, but it was The Mary Tyler Moore Show in which MTM became a cultural icon. She was an independent, working woman. She was a vital cog in her workplace, a tv news station. They never had Richards hook up with her boss Lou Grant, which probably would have happened with such a show today. In fact, we never saw much of her love life, although we know she had romances along the way.
There aren't many actors/fictional characters who have statues outside of museums. Moore is definitely deserving of hers and I am glad I got to "meet" it.
Mary Tyler Moore and me in Minneapolis, MN-July 2010.

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It's All Wanderlust said...

I could write a tome on character Mary Richards. I remember being a really young kid and soaking it in: the fact she supported herself in a cool career; her adorable studio with the amazing view; the hijinks with her best friend who (score!) lived right upstairs; and the fact that she dated, A LOT and had fun.
In one epidode (recently viewed)Mary's parents move to her neighborhood and begin to hover over her life. Mary goes out on a date. Her parents spend the entire night phoning her and even driving over to see if she's come home.
We watch Mary return to her pad in the morning. She confronts her parents and the BEST part is that she never confirms nor denies to either the parents or the audience that she spent the night with her date.
Mary Richards shattered the mold on what as women we had to do, were expected to do.
There are times when I accomplish something that impresses even me that I just twirl in my living room as a single woman and just twirl....having a true MTM moment. Thanks Johngy for the memories.