Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #5

The Chicago Bears are 3-1 after losing to the New York Giants last week.  Of more concern is the condition of Jay Cutler.  Without Cutler, the Bears will be in trouble, even against the Carolina Panthers, who are 0-4.
If Cutler is hurt, Brad Maynard will be seeing a lot of time on teh field.  Maynard has been an outstanding punter for several years, but if your punter is your MVP, you are in trouble.
Throwing out a little punter symmetry, I am featuring former punter Todd Sauerbrun.  Sauerbrun was a 3 time Pro-Bowler during his 14 year NFL career, which included stops in Chicago and Carolina.
When I met Sauerbrun, I was surprised at how big his arms were.  He was a workout nut.  He was also a friendly guy.  I don't remember why the Bears let him go, but it was just another f their many mistakes in the 90's.  Sure the punter wouldn't make the team great, but he could help.  A year later, the Bears realized this and signed Brad Maynard, who has been a stable force in Chicago since then.  I just hope that Maynard's role isn't expanded.

Todd Sauerbrun and me in Arlington Heights, IL-Mid 1990's.

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