Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revisiting Jim Forsell and the Bet

Last March, I wrote about Jim Forsell's bet with Matt Trowbridge of the Rockford Register Star.  The Chicago Cubs failed to make the playoffs, which meant Jim lost the bet and had to push a baseball across the State Street Bridge in Rockford (IL).  Jim, a man of his word (and always up for a little publicity), recently paid his debt.
Johngy's Beat got an (almost) exclusive interview with Jim in which he stated, "I think an elephant must have been standing on my back when I made those 250 (Un-Official National Ball Rolling Association stats) pushes across the bridge.  My sides feel like I was hit 100 times (on each side) with a phungo bat.  To say nothing of eating an entire humble pie."
Jim apparently id not learn his lesson though.  He renewed the bet for 2011, which will be his 50th year of following the Cubs.  You have to admire his staunch belief (or is it just pettiness, hoping to get even with Trowbridge?).  Either way, Johngy's Beat will keep you updated on the insanity.
The following clip of Jim comes to you courtesy of the Rockford Register Star.

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